Honourable Mention Junior Category - Central Division

Stephanie Denofrio-Findlay, Stittsville Ontario


My Belgian Show Year!

Hi my name is Stephanie, I live at Maple Creek Belgians in Stittsville, Ontario I am 11 years old. This is my second year showing a Belgian horse. I worked with three different Belgian foals this year. Their names are Maple Creek Roxy, Maple Creek Bobby-Jack and, last but not least Maple Creek Josie. I started off showing Roxy. She was a great horse but she got hurt on the way to the CNE in Toronto On so then I tried Bobby-Jack but he was to hard to hang on to, so I tried Josie she was perfect and thats who I showed for the rest of the year. I had so much fun showing this year that Iím really excited for next year!

Sincerely Stephanie


For a list of the shows Stephanie participated in, please see the Spring 2011 Banner