CBHA President and Charitable Committee chairperson Terry Morrow, the Directors and Youth Committee chairperson Marg Dennis would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and Thank You for participating in the 2018 Canadian Belgian Horse Association Youth Program.

Congratulations to each of the 2018 CBHA Youth Participants. 


To see the photos and write ups of the youth, click their names.





Eastern Division - Jr.

Junior Champion

Grace Davidson

Res Jr. Champ

Wesley Davidson


Eastern Division - Sr.

Senior Champion

Anna Richards

Central Division - Sr.

Senior Champion

Clayton McWilliams

Res SR Champ

Taryn Lindquist

Arden McWilliams

James Drynan

Stephanie Denofrio-Findlay


Central Division - Jr.

Junior Champion

Jaelyn Drynan

Res JR Champ

Allie Maher

Justin McWilliams

Lauren Poupart

Troy McWilliams

Western Division - Sr.

Senior Champion

Darrien Ruthven

Western Division - Jr.

Junior Champion

Ava Ruthven

Res JR Champ

Aaron Westlund





The CBHA Youth Program is funded by YOUR charitable donations.  Thank you for your generosity in support of the program.