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CBHA Fee Schedule click here or en français

As a Registered Charity the CBHA does not charge Tax on workorders. Fees subject to change.


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CBHA Membership Form


Registration Application form

Reminder: fillies born on and after Jan 1, 2019 are required to be DNA tested upon registration & the signature of stallion owner & breeding dates are required.

Application D'Enregistrement

Stallion Breeding Slip/Service Certificate

Only required if stallion owner signature is not on registration form.


Transfer Form


Re-Issue of a Registration Certificate

Formulaire de déclaration

Prefix Application Form

Demande d'un Préfixe

CBHA Frozen Semen as of January 1, 2020


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Rules and Proceedures

Règles et procédures

Retained Frozen Semen Annual Report due May 12, 2021

Rapport annuel sur la semence congelée conservé dû pour le 12 mai 2021

Frozen Semen Application

Demande de certificat de semence congelée

Frozen Semen Certificate Transfer

Transfert de certificat de semence congelée


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